I worked on the projects that scoped from small single-page apps to huge data-driven websites, culminating my current work for Cleveland Clinic. I enjoy building systems from scratch and using my broad range of design and development skills to solve complex issues.
Figma project full view
An example of design to development process.

Design Systems

A design system is a set of processes where designers and developers do their best work creating scalable collections of reusable patterns organized in styles and components. I think that sums it up :)

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System architecture

Applying systematic thinking to anticipate how a system will be used and predicting future needs.

Image of mobile phone with the Figma library dashboard on the screen.

Patterns and libraries

Recognizing patterns across multiple products and style guides and creating component libraries that match those patterns.

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Communication and collaboration

Caring about helping and mentoring other designers and working closely with developers, articulately sharing ideas and business needs.

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Organizing and documenting past, present, and future design systems work.

Design systems in progress

At the Cleveland Clinic, we started the design system discovery process a year and a half ago. On that path, we encountered all the challenges one might expect from a multi-siloed environment of considerable size:

  • uncontrolably large product inventory
  • collaboration issues
  • clashing priorities
  • diverse tech stack
  • lack of design system experience

We learned and are still learning while working on the large machinery that is

Design system workflow and tooling wireframe
Design system discovery process.

Product Design and Development

I was responsible for creating, iterating, and delivering visual journeys that provided delightful experiences to our users and visitors. Paired with a back-end developer, we solved complex problems in the residential construction and facility management spaces.

Dreambook feature page.

Dream book

Somewhere between Pinterest and Houzz, Dream book was designed and developed for future homeowners.

Dream book is a web application that serves as a tool for interior and exterior design, home improvement, and idea generation. The app's primary purpose is to streamline house design through visual project management of your dream home.

My small contribution consisted of:

  • UI design (Adobe XD)
  • UI development (JavaScript, jQuery)

Provider Services

Provider Services proprietary software called Cure is a web application for managing insurance data, patients, and long-term care facilities.

My role in the application update was front-end development, UX, and UI design.

  • UI design (Adobe XD)
  • UI design (Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator)
  • UI development (JavaScript, jQuery
Read the case study here.
Provider services Cure platform dashboard.

Web Development

As a part of an agile development team at Cleveland Clinic, I'm building and working on enterprise-grade software systems built on top of the Microsoft .NET stack. As a front-end developer, I believe in web standards, performance, and accessibility to create more inclusive and faster experiences for our visitors.

Product landing page
Polychem was my first agency project. I worked on web design, front-end, and Umbraco back-end development. was also the first product-oriented website I have built.
Home page with the billboard
BCT Security
Smaller in scale, built on top of the.NET tech stack. I developed both the Umbraco back-office, front-end for the BCT Security website. This was the first time I had embedded dynamic Google maps inside the CMS and built priority style navigation.
Home page with the billboard
Rovisys was my last web development project before joining the Cleveland Clinic. Fun fact about production code: upon deployment, every page on the website was loading under 2s. Other fundamental features are bold typography, large imagery, and an advanced navigation system.

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Motion Graphics

Even though I'm no longer working as a motion graphics designer, I still feel attachment and attraction towards my old projects. I want to share three short animated movies we made for DayGlo's color corp. The idea was to represent a historical continuum from humble beginnings to the modern days. My roles in the project included art direction, illustration, and animation.

DayGlo history chapter 1
Early days of DayGlo. Exploration and the birth of fluorescent pigment.
DayGlo history chapter 2
Second stage starting 1946. Dayglo was established in Cleveland, OH.
DayGlo history chapter 3
Modern days and the science behind fluorescent pigments.

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